Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Great Falls HDR

With a little help from HDR tutorials at, I started his class a couple weeks ago, the last chapter on what to do after you generate images in Photomatix for me were the most help full. This image is a 5 exposure shot, saved as JPEG, opened in camera raw, tweaks to almost all sliders in develop, biggest adjustments in clarity and vibrance. Cropped in camera raw, and opened in CS3, layer adjustment curves, marked lighted and darks in areas to boost contrast. A layer adjustment with Hue/Sat and removed some green and yellow. You can tell where by looking at the image posted under water levels a couple days ago. The green algae was incredibly bright after converting to HDR. The last step was a bit of sharpening and used his action for vignetting lowered opacity to around 35%. I am working on one more image from the great falls trip, I need to do some final adjustments to have ready for tomorrows post.

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Debbie said...

This reminds me of a painting - so still. It captures what your eyes cant.