Monday, December 10, 2007


Yesterday was the Kidball Superbowl here in Potomac, MD. My son's team the Saints battled all fall to get to it. They did an outstanding job playing on the snow covered field and winning on Saturday in the playoffs. Then they came back Sunday morning to a mud bowl. These kids all showed hearts of champions on both sides of the ball. Michael gave me some of the proudest moments I have ever had on Sunday. Not only did be get a gusher of a bloody nose, but he got back in the game and made a spectacular play. The game is played by number of possessions and when they had their last possession they went for a two point conversion that would tie the game. The coach told Michael to go 3 steps and turn around. Life went into a slow motion when the ball was in the air and Michael made the CATCH!!! Did the Cowboys score on their final possession? Yes they did, but that is part of sports. I think Michael gained so much confidence in that one catch this year. He had a look in his eye that I have never seen before when he got his trophy for second place. He knew he contributed, and was not sad for a moment after they lost. This is one dad saying "That's my son"

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