Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cherry Blossom Street

Took the kids to the park at the end of the street yesterday. A lot of Cherry Blossom Glory on the street we live on here in Potomac, MD. We were still living in Florida this time last year and you easily forget how great spring is. Olivia said it was to warm for a jacket.
Also, jump over to weekly photography tips and check out the winners for the March photography contest. Did I mention that I was one of the winners = ) Looking forward to getting the Kubota DVD. Also be sure to ENTER this months photogrpahy contest, you can not win unless you enter.


Shawn said...

Nice photos Mike! Using a fisheye lens? Love it!

M Palmer said...

Yep, the 10.5 nikkor, wanted a different look to the norm. Thanks Shawn.

Jen Weaver Photography said...

fish eye...oh, I'd love one of those! One day!

I love the effect it created in your photos!