Thursday, June 18, 2009


Equipment List:
D300, 105 Nikkor, Cable Release, Tripod, SB800, Elinchrome Skyport, black paint tray with water, Ziploc bag with water, needle, TOWELS!!, gels, colored paper.

Set up as above photo, Sb800 at 1/8th power triggered by Skyport aimed at colored background, F8 at 250th, poke a very small hole in bag, use a pencil to set manual focus in the drip

Experiment with power settings, gels and backgrounds.

Have FUN shooting!! Share you shots!!

I am heading to Maine--- See you in July


Anonymous said...

nice set up. :-)

Sue said...

Have fun in Maine.

Thanks for sharing your set up!

Mike Holley said...

Interesting... thanks for sharing.

Have a great time.

I'll be back lurking in July too (off to Sorrento in Italy for a break - chance to get the camera out).

ostman said...

Safe travels.

Kevin Mullins said...

Have a great trip Mike

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the technique info!

Hope you and your family have a fantastic vacation!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the set up. Very cool experiment!

Enjoy Maine! Take lots of photos and have lots of fun!