Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Today is back to school day and Camp Palmer is officially closed for the 2010 summer season. Michael is starting 4th grade and Olivia is a 1st grader.

I have been taking most of the summer off of photography. I was feeling a bit uncreative and not really wanting to shoot that much. When we traveled this summer, the camera stayed in the bag most of the time.

Well, its time to get creative again and start posting here with new work and personal shots.

Julia told me this morning to dust off the camera and take a back to school shot. This was shot on white seemless paper, I wish my studio space was bigger (don't we all), so I had to photoshop the background wider, as the paper was only 5 foot wide. I used a ultra 600 in a medium softbox left and a ultra 600 in a umbrella right, F11 @ 125 sec, D700 camera with a 24-70mm Nikkor.

So this is sort of a new start, I have a ton to catch up on.......Lets get started

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Anonymous said...

your kids have the same years between them as mine did, but I had my girl 1st. Mine were so fun at their ages! I bet you just are soaking it all in...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a back to school advertisement. Your kids are so darn cute!

I had that kind of summer too and came to the realization that our family time in the summer is too precious to be driven by the camera. I did get the camera out and took the shots, but I didn't worry much. It was all about documenting the good times of summer.

We did make it down your way and I kept an eye out for you. I'm SURE I would have recognized you if I'd bumped into you! ;-)

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Love the back to school shot! They even match! They are the cutest!

Now get to work!