Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mom & Jim

Over Labor Day Weekend, we went down to Va Beach to visit my brother Jim who I consider our families gaurdian, you know what I mean, the one who does the most for the families best interest. My Mom is in a nursing home about a mile from his house. She is not doing so well these days and has entered into hospice care there. Jim and I have not always seen eye to eye, but lately that has changed. I am so proud of my younger brother, he has grown up to be a outstanding man and even more so, a friend I need to have. Jim thanks for all you do, making the hard decisions for the family and keeping the flame lit for Michele, me and you. Run Hard Bro and when you want to run fifty, I will be there for you.


Anonymous User said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the kind words; the feelings are mutual brother. By the way, that 50 (weather permitting) is scheduled for 07JAN12. Come hell or high water I'm going to run it.

ostman said...

Wonderful post, Mike.

I wish your mom a peaceful time ahead, and wish your family the best.