Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amelia Island FL, Spring Break


Mike Meyer said...

Hey Mike how's it going? You've been slacking a little bit on your blog lately. Well at least you're not as much of a slacker as this guy.

Take care buddy, Mike Meyer

JP said...

Brother, it makes me so sad to know that a couple of days before this picture was taken she told me and your best friend she would get you the help you needed. I was so angry to see you both vacationing after you came to VA beach on a molotov cocktail of Parkinson’s disease meds and the other unmentionable…she told me she was using too but assured me she’d get you help. I’m so sorry I left you in her care after that episode. I had no idea she’d abandon you and let you go so far out that you’d end up in jail and a lost soul. I asked her why she hadn’t helped you and she simply said she tried… and as far as that trip to Florida went – well, she didn’t want to ruin spring break. Since June, I’ve tried picking you back up and dusting you off brother…she won’t let up. For what it’s worth, you said some really bad things…some threatening things… but you’ve always had a loud bark. She’s found a way to manipulate the Montgomery County, MD judicial system and I now understand what folks have said about her relentless pursuit of destroying someone once she has her sights set on you. After you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder I thought she’d let up but instead she “lawyered” up on me too. I’m so sorry Michael…so sorry that you’ve gotten yourself into this nightmare and I can’t get you out…I’ve never seen anything like this…someone so calculating…someone so motivated…someone so hateful to destroy my destroy her children’s father. No one knows where you’re at Mike… please call me…it’s been a week since anyone has heard from you.