Friday, November 14, 2008

Pt 3

I am making these drag out -- busy day today.

THANK YOU for all of the comments this week!!!!


Sue said...

When I saw "Pt 3" I was so hoping this would be the post with both of your beautiful and charming children. And, I am not disappointed! Are they always as "angelic" as they look in your beautiful portrait? ;)

Larry_L said...


Love this shot and this look.

What kind of material is that background made out of?


Michael Palmer said...

Thanks Sue and Larry

The background is a muslin that I bought at camera shop - I wish I had a manufacturer for for, sorry

jenrinaldiphotography said...

Now that's the best part of the 3! The two of them together - so perfect!

You got 2 great kids there Mike. You lucky guy!

PS: I sweat your backdrop.

Cory said...

Beautiful portrait. It always helps to have two darling subjects.

juliemcleod said...

How beautiful! I sure like the lighting. And the sweet kids!