Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Executive Portrait for Julia for 2010

Julia (my wife for those that do not know) wanted to submit a new executive portrait to Bloomingdales for promo and internal use.

Good for me they needed a brown muslin background, I used 1 Ultra 600 in a Medium Light-box for main right side, filled with 1 Ultra 600 into umbrella for fill on left. I did go with a wider stance as to eliminate glare on the glasses. 1 Sb800 at 1/2 power - (SU-4 mode) optical slave with a Honl Speed Gobo for a little controlled light on the background to lighten it up and create separation. D300 with a 24-70 2.8 for a rig and LR and CS3 for Post.


Anonymous said...

fabulous shot of your wife!

Julie McLeod said...

Great shot of your wife, Mike! It looks to be exactly what an executive portrait should be - she appears approachable yet commanding.

Your lighting is so good here and I love the background. Well done!

Daniel Glass said...

Wow Mike! I'm hearing Van Halen "hot for the Teacher" ringin' in my head. She looks great. Lighting is perfect. I've been dabbling with the Portrait Pro plug in - great stuff - not that she needs it.

Hey, how come Julia gets three comments but your food post up top gets 7 ???? Hungry group.

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Julie said it all! Wonderful head shot. Well let and the backdrop looks great.