Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick Edit of Cora

Went to the power tour yesterday and saw Bobby, and the day got long (good eats Bobby). Got home late and found that most of the online orders I did on Sunday are going a bit nutty with shipping dates. So with that said, I did not have much time to prepare for today's posting. I did use the copy layer, multiply blend, vignette for this as well as a new sharpening technique from yesterdays class. Have to get busy fixing this online orders mess. Have a great day.


Jeff Revell said...

Hi Mike,
I'm sorry I missed you at the show yesterday. I am surprised you didn't see me up front with Scott. I was up chatting with him during the breaks and waited around for 20 minutes at lunch for him to sign autographs so we could go to lunch. I did leave early though. Hope you had a great time. Scott's instruction just Rocks!

M Palmer said...

Hey there Jeff,
I did look for you a bit, did not see you, when I was going to ask Scott where you were he was always knee deep in autograph seekers. Should have yelled "HEY SCOTT, WHERE IS JEFF!!!!! Saw an old friend from when I use to live here, so we ended up hitting some bars Chinatown after class. Mayne you will have to host a Meet Jeff Blog meetup for the DC set. = )