Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Okay, so I hit the daily photo blog wall yesterday. I am spending way too much time trying to think of something to shoot, then just grabbing the camera and finding a shot. The whole purpose of this blog was to shoot something, ANYTHING, daily. I was finding myself concerned with what others will think, instead of just shooting. I know I can shoot portraits, a decent landscape, do HDR, macro studio etc..., I think I was trying to always show a strength instead of just a random shot of the day. I think I am over that train of thought, at least for this week. This is my outlet, I need to use it accordingly.
So, with that said, during my pacing of thinking what to shoot in my foyer, this light was coming in from the top of my door ands hitting the wall, it was difussed by the trees out front. I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple images. Hopefully it will come easier today.


Jeff Revell said...
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Jeff Revell said...

Vincent Versace once told me that he used to go out on self assigned shooting assignments just to sharpen his skills at seeing beyond the obvious. He would shoot the alphabet, finding the shapes of letters in everyday items. Or he would assign himself a shape and then go walk around the block, seeing how many times he could find it in something else. The point is to keep shooting and have a point in mind, even if it's the alphabet. Your photography will be all the better for it. Oh yeah, you don't have to show anyone the results, after all, it's just practice.

M Palmer said...

Thanks Jeff, I need to keep that practice part in mind more often. Its harder than I expected to get an image a day. Might try the alphabet self assignment- 26 posts = )