Monday, June 2, 2008

Georgetown PhotoWalk

Big thanks to Jeff for putting this together. The walk was great and had the opportunity to put a couple faces with names. Even got a couple of shots along the way. The weather could not have been any better.


Andy said...

Cool sky. Looks like a set for an erie movie scene!

Heather said...

Lot of elements to this photo Mike. I like the textures and the long path on the left side. The sky's a no brainer...totally almost erie as Andy said.

I wish we had photo walks here! I have to settle for going alone.

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Andy said...


If you leave now, you can get here by the next one! ;)

Sounds like you should start a photowalk of your own!

Jen Weaver Photography said...

Fantastic Mike! You know how I love this kind of look! I love the perspective and yes...great sky!

No photowalks in Jersey :( I'll have to take a ride to DC and join in the next one!!

Anonymous said...


I hadn't realized you were at the Photowalk either. Which photographer were you?

I was the one wearing the What the Duck shirt - with a Canon DSLR. Bill was the guy with the Graflex.

Next photowalk we're going to have make sure we connect in person.


M Palmer said...

Hi Patty, you took pictures of my son and daughter, saw you posted them on flicker, I was the dad with black shorts and Nikon gear, I think I took a shot of Bill, til next time

Anonymous said...


Now I know who you are - hadn't realized those were your kids. They're adorable.

Next photowalk we'll hopefully manage to connect in person


Marie Louise said...

Love this photo. Just discovered your blog. I used to be married to a fashion photographer and dabble a bit myself. I'll check back!

Mike Holley said...

Hi Mike,

Glad that you had a great time on the Photowalk. Cool that you met Andy...

Excellent photo by the way, HDR used here maybe..?

Things are on course at my end. Looking forward to getting back in a couple of months.


M Palmer said...

Marie - Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Mike - We will herald your return friend.