Monday, November 16, 2009

Capital Food Fight 2009

Jose Andres and Anthony Bourdain were the host and co-host of the event. It was a fundraiser for the DC Central Kitchen. More info here. I hope to share more shots this week. If you can not wait = ) and are interested in seeing the shots from that night.

I think my little break is over ; )


mike meyer said...

Hey Mike, that's really cool. Were you the official photog for the event? How much free food did you get to sample? That's what I'm all about, working for food.

mike meyer

nick said...

Wow, so many brilliant shots mate. It's like they hired you full time. Great work. I'm really jealous I didn't go. Definitely next time.


Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Glad you're back. What a neat experience! Great crisp shot!