Saturday, November 21, 2009


I am officially entering the stock food arena, I have been testing lighting, made a contact & now I must shoot some food!!! It is a whole new way to do post since I have to submit full res .Tiff's. This is post 501 & I am off..................


Crash Taylor said...

You will be a very successful food photographer Mike. Your skills are brilliant and you always make me very hungry.


ostman said...

I'm with Crash; you really shoot food well. You seem to have a great sense for what is both visually appealing and what entices our appetite.

If you need someone to eat the products after you shoot, let me know.

Mike Holley said...

Hi Mike

Great to see you make this move and not before time. I have always admired your food photography, I think it's the best I've seen.

Congratulations on reaching the 500 posts mark.

I wish you every success.


robert said...

I'll wait til it's been cooked ;-) Nice work, Mike!


Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Your food photography is superb. I hope this stock business works for you. I don't know much about it but I'm sure I will learn from you!! =)

Sue said...

Best of luck as you enter the "stock" world. I have no doubt that you will be successful.

mike meyer said...

Of course your photography is excellent. But now you'll have to invest in a treadmill or gym membership. Ah the price we pay.
later bud,

mike meyer