Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scott Kelby

Let's see now, I own 7 of his books, been a member of the NAPP for 3 years, a member of Kelby Training Online, and I went to the CS3 for Photographers tour here in DC last November. So, you can imagine that I thought it was a little cool to be shooting along with him at the PhotoWalk Pro in Adams Morgan this past weekend. I even got a tip on printing on my Epson R2400. To see all of the images from the photographers that went go to here.


Shawn said...

That's so cool, man! I sooo wish I had been able to make it. Just would have hated to ditch the parents after they drove to DC to surprise me for the show. Definitely next time!

M Palmer said...

You got it, but there is always another day, family first, I live by it - why I cannot make tohe Dave Cross seminar.