Thursday, May 22, 2008

Candy Girl

Olivia is the self proclaimed candy princess and she is posing in front of what we were told is the oldest candy shop in the US in Philadelphia.

Also if you have not seen the trailer for the new Star Wars movie that is coming out on August 15th go check out It is pretty cool, Michael wants to watch it over and over.


Jen Weaver Photography said...

She is definitely the candy princess in this shot. I can so see this in B&W too. What a classic photo. :)


Heather said...

I really dig the candy shop as I am a candy fanatic! It seems like a really old fashioned place. I would like one in my neighborhood.

Cute princess too!

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Erin Mantz said...

This shot makes me want to find this candy shop and run in and buy something! The old-fashioned feel to it also reminds me of where I grew up in West Rogers Park, Chicago, where the little corner store was my daily stop on the walk home from school.

M Palmer said...

Jen, Heather, Erin thank you so much for the comments! Candy Girlzz!!

Erin Mantz said...

You should send this photo to that candy shop! And submit it to that town's community newspaper.