Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tulip Abstract

From the Brookside Gardens set.

You ever have one of those perfect weekends, Julia was off for 4 days this past weekend, and I cannot remember a better weekend. We ate good food multiple times with friends, spent hours at our pool club on Saturday - Monday, the kids are at that official "you do not have to watch me every minute" we will check in and have fun with our friends stage. We made it downtown on Sunday for a walk at the Botanical Gardens, saw Rolling Thunder and ate dirty water half smokes and pretzels with mustard. In between all of that I got in 18 holes at Hampshire Greens. If this is a preview of the summer, I cannot wait!!!!


Jen Weaver Photography said...

Mike - it certainly sounds like you had some good livin' this weekend! Good for you!! :)

lovely abstract

Heather said...

Love abstracts...this is a great one-well composed.

good friends & good food + family...you're living the good life!

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