Thursday, May 15, 2008


My first attempt at manual strobe lighting - 1 sb800 shot into a white umbrella on the left, fill on the right, triggered with Elinchrome Skyport. The "are you done yet" look - Olivia

Also Weekly Photo Tips is requesting images for memorial day of veterans. He used a image that I made for Geographic Compositon. Speaking of Geographic Composition, Jason just posted the latest theme "Yellow".


Jen Weaver Photography said...

Good attempt mike...i'm gonna order my lights tonight I think from alien bees so we'll see how i do with studio lights... should be crazy..

thanks for the link regarding the memorial day veterans photos on the phototips blog. I sent him a bunch to see if he was interested in using them. :)

Mike Holley said...

Hi Mike,

Just stopped by to say Hi and thanks for the comment you posted. I'm sorting things out progressively and hope to be back in the fold by August.

Nice shot here, great work for your first attempt. The lighting looks almost natural.

Best regards