Friday, October 24, 2008

Bear Mountain Bee

I am starting a product photography job today. Should have some to share for next week. Have a good weekend! Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated.


Sue said...

How did you get him to sit still long enough to shoot? I never have much luck. Have a great weekend. And....thanks for the visits and comments on my blog! :)

Jen said...

I like the DOF you got on this one Mike. The bee is posing for you!

Anonymous said...


Mike Holley said...

Good luck with the job Mike. Did you get the stuff on the light tent I sent through?

Texas Travelers said...

Flowers and insects. What could be better for a nature nut like myself.

Great photo. Thands for sharing.

Come visit anytime,
Troy and Martha

PS: Some Alaska Sunday photos are up today.

It's an exercise in HDR Photography.


Enigma3 said...

I don't remember you taking that picture. Very cool.

gba said...

nice jen said..the bee seems to be posing just for u..nice..