Monday, October 27, 2008

Dan Glass @ Great Falls

I meet up with Dan for a quick photowalk last week in Great Falls on the Maryland side. I have a pano that I will share tomorrow.


mike meyer said...

Hey Dan, don't get to close to the rail or the Park Rangers will freak out. That happened to me once but I was actually nearer to the water when the whole place was covered in snow and ice. They said I might slip. Good to see you and Mr. Palmer out shooting. Can't wait for the pano Mike.

mike meyer

Anonymous said...

looks like a great spot and fantastic sky. Can't wait for the pano to come tomorrow-you big tease!

Jen R Photog said...

Ooooh that place looks heavenly! Can't wait for the pano....our excitement is building. hehe

Dan said...

Is that Ansel Adams? Nah...just me dressed like a slob. Great day for shooting Mike. I enjoyed it. This better be some pano!

Hey Mike Meyer, you staying out of trouble?

mike meyer said...

Hey Dan, yeh I'm trying to stay out of trouble. I've been shooting some lightnig over the summer, really cool. I'll have to set up a blog so I can post the shots. They're really electrifing.

mike meyer