Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Anglers Inn

I shot this HDR Pano last Thursday for the restaurant owner. I shot it with my D200 - 12-24mm. I did -1,0,+1 EV and merged to HDR in Photomatix Pro and tonemapped and then CS3 for Pano, crop, small curve, unsharp mask. Click the image to see more detail, I exported it a bit bigger this time for detail. It is a fantastic resturant and no one has a better patio in the DC area that I have seen.


Sue said...

The restaurant certainly does look inviting, especially at this time of year.

I like the natural look of your HDR; a look not always found in HDR.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that's a great pano. It does look like a nice patio. In fact it looks like it's all patio!

Anonymous said...


Gorgeous photo!

Love that its an HDR without all the obvious HDR overdone effects.


mike meyer said...

Also if you ever have a shot with a lot of moving people or cars you want to eliminate just add the Stack feature. You shoot five times for each under, over, left, and right, Then put it all together. I know it sounds crazy but it works.

mike meyer

Andy said...

Cool. Well done, as always.

Mike Holley said...


I was impressed with this image the first time I saw it. Thanks for uploading a larger version to see..

Well done with this, my own efforts with HDR and a pano haven't been anywhere near this standard.


Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

I could just see myself there now eating a great dinner. I love restaurants like this.

Sweet pano! I forgot to reply when you first shared it with me (sorry!) I meant to tell you that I liked the HDR because it gave it a brighter pop and brought out all of the details.

Well done!

Michael Palmer said...

Thanks for all of the comments!! The are much appreciated.

Enigma3 said...

That is a great shot of the Old Anglers Inn. They must have expanded since I've benn there last.