Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pass the Sweet Potatoes

These a quite possibly the BEST sweet potatoes you can eat. Head over to Pleasures of the Table and ask for the recipe. David posted his cranberry recipe yesterday, I know I am going to be making some for Christmas dinner.

BTW for those that are interested, and this is a photo blog, I shot D300, 24-70 2.8 at 2.8 800 ISO for all of the Thanksgiving shots. Just a small tweak in LR2.


Anonymous said...

My leftovers are long gone and you're making me want Thanksgiving all over again!!!

Andy said...

You're making me hungry, which means the photo is doing its job well!

Lots of white without blowing us out with it. NIcely controlled.

Photo-Africa said...

You are starting to give the BBC Food Channel a serious run for their money!!

All looks so good!!!


Jason Anderson said...

I'm not even a big fan of sweet potatos and these look delicious!

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Never ate them but the photo makes em look good!!