Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michael & Ben

This shot is ALL about the smile on my sons face. If you follow my postings here, then you know that it is a struggle to get this boy to smile like he means it in a picture. So, technically not the best shot, but sometimes (ALL) its about the smile. If your new to here, my son Michael is the one with out the hat.

D200, 12-24mm @ f4, I think I filled with the pop up flash - This shot is in front of the National Museum of the American Indian. It is one of my favorites and has the BEST cafeteria I have encountered in DC. I recommend the Buffalo Chili Indian Fry Bread Taco.


Julie M said...

Look! Michael has TEETH! So nice to finally see this radiant smile!

I've never seen the museum but feel sort of like I have. The architect, Douglas Cardinal, also designed the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the two buildings are strikingly similar.

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

And what a smile it is! He's a handsome young man...guess we know who he takes after! =)

Anonymous said...

they look like they are having the time of their lives!

Sue said...

It's interesting -- the smile. My younger grandson NEVER smiles when I photograph him and he really is a happy child. My older grandson ALWAYS smiles.

So, I can appreciate how you are so pleased to have captured THE SMILE....and a great one it is!