Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spies Like Us

Michael was out of school yesterday for a teacher work day. We went to the Spy Museum after we dropped Olivia at school. It was a good father and son day. As I am typing this, it is snowing and school is closed for today. I guess some snow action shots are in order!! See you tomorrow.


Sue said...

This post brought a chuckle -- the spy museum; cool. father - son day; great. snow action shots - fantastic! Bring 'em on!!!!

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

I agree with Sue. The spy museum sounds cool.

I always smile when I see your kids.

And I also smile remembering that I have a dad who loves photography and always had me pose in front of everywhere we went to and we spent lots of time having father daughter outings growing up.

Looking forward to some snow shots...now that you mentioned it - you have to come through! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun! Did you see Maxwell Smart's shoe phone or the Cone of Silence? ;-) Hope you are enjoying the snow!

Anonymous said...

snow & action...what a great combo! Bring it.