Thursday, January 8, 2009

Track Chicks Sweatshirts

I finished up the edits I did for Tracks Chicks yesterday and they are already up at the site. This is a screen grab from the site. If you check out the site, the shots I did have the high key white background.

For this shot I shot a model (wife) against a chroma blue background, I used a WL Ultra 600 in a med softbox right as a main and a WL Ultra 600 into a umbrella left for fill. I used select-color range to remove the blue and make white. She held the other jackets and I took swatchs off for the final edit.


Julie McLeod said...

This looks great, Mike. The chroma key must be really handy for work like this.

Mike Holley said...

Really impressive Mike. You're images make a difference to the website.

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Mike - great work and great model! :)
Your photos look best on the website - I'm telling you!