Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alero on U Street

After walking a block or two past Ben's, we went into Alero for a Buffet. They have a typical buffet that you might find at a Mexican restaurant. This was the highlight for me, couple fried eggs atop a bean tostada and some sauce for heat and wash it down with a Tecate! The Texan in me was very, very happy.

When was the last time you checked your back up? I thought I was getting everything, I had a drive crash yesterday, only to find ou the Sync Toy had not been Syncing like I thought. Do yourself a favor check your backups. I am cloning the drive and hope to recover the data. I have mulitiple backups and all of my client work is also online and burned to DVD, so I am not freaking out. yet....


ostman said...

Man, that looks good.

Good luck with the drive issue.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is my kind of meal too! Great presentation as usual. Also, funny you mentioned back ups...I've been having that on my mind like crazy lately!

Kevin Mullins said...

Thats bad luck re the drive Mike. I'm busy trying to recover some data off my mothers laptop that went "bang".

I use a Drobo and swear by it now, but I'm a data freak and I even back the Drobo up every now and then and put the backups in my car (in case the house blows up or the wife locks me out!).


Anonymous said...

I haven't had huevos rancheros in ages! Looks so good!

Bummer about the data. Hope you recover everything!

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

I wont even get into my crazy back up behavior but it's always a good reminder to check things out with my back up with synctoy. Thanks!

I may turn into Kevin soon w/ keeping spare back ups at other people's homes in case my house burns down (god forbid!)

That photo looks wonderful. What a great looking meal you had!