Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lunch at Jaleo

I took Julia for a lunch at Jaleo on Tuesday for Spanish Tapas. We had the Restaurant Week Special where you get to pick 3 Tapas each and a dessert for $20.09 each. This is the Sangria, Ensalada campera tapa & Sopa de cebolla y tomillo con queso Idiazábal. My favorite of everything we had was the soup and the poached egg underneath the crouton was especially nice. More to come...

New Link --- Airhead --- Chris Alvanas Blog --- He has a HDR video up today

Hoping the sun breaks, and we go from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy for my trip to the National Cathedral.


Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

Love love love how you cropped the photos. :)

I must say that you certainly eat well. I'm jealous with my Lean Cuisines! LOL

Thanks for the link to Chris' blog. I will take a look at his HDR video.

ostman said...

Nicely and consistently lit.

I'm with Jen. The Palmer lunch budget is concerning.


Kevin Mullins Photography said...

Great crops agreed but nice use of available light too. You get all the goodness of the product right then in the shot. Looks great! My favourite bit would be the Sangria ;-)

Anonymous said...

everything sounds wonderful, but I especially love sangria! Nice job on your photos.