Monday, February 16, 2009


Not shooting a lot lately, need to fix that! I need some inspiration.

Is it spring yet? I have the worst case of spring fever this year!

Any locals going to the Photoshop User Group at CDIA in Georgetown next Tuesday? The topic is HDR.


Sue said...

It certainly is a tough time of the year for "inspiration."

For inspiration I either try to learn a new technique, or set a "funky" challenge for myself (the Simply series is an example, or go back and re-visit the archives and reprocess.

But...perhaps spring will appear soon and we can all get out more! We will ALL feel better, I think!

ostman said...

I had an errand to run this morning and hoped to do some outside shots afterward, but the wind chill was too nasty. I'm definitely ready for spring.

Kevin Mullins said...

Well, the snow has gone from us over her in the UK and I [thin], spring is just around the corner...I'm doing some portraits tomorrow but that will be my first pick of the camera in a week or so too....

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

I think this happens to all of us around this time of the year...we need our spring inspiration!

As soon as it comes I feel like I can't wait to get out and find something to shoot.

I like this shot and how the Gorilla is just sitting there with arms crossed matter of factly. LOL

Scott said...

Self Portrait?