Monday, September 15, 2008

Gettysburg Photowalk

Had a great (HOT) day in Gettysburg yesterday. It was good to put faces with some blogger names. Also to reacquaint with a few familiar faces. This was one of the stops we made, Bob, Michael Jr and I worked these faces in the stone for a few minutes. More to come...


ostman said...

Both nice shots. The stone face looks great against the out of focus background.

Photo-Africa said...

I also love the image with the stone face.

Must admit I miss photographing those kind of things. When we were working on the QM2 I absolutely loved getting to all the strange places aned photographing scenes like that. Thanks for the 'flashback'!

Thanks for your comment on the lion post!


Enigma3 said...


Nice shots! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos from the walk.

jenrinaldiphotography said...

I love the DOF on the 2nd shot. What lens was that?

Ha! Bob and I have the exact same camera backpack in the exact same color! Bob, you've got good taste! :)

Oh, and you're son is totally stylish with his Adidas outfit and his sneakers match perfectly from what I can tell. Coolness...

It probably was good that I didn't go...since it was blazing hot yesterday. I might have fainted and then you, Bob, and Michael would have had to carry me all around Gettysburg.