Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rainy Great Falls Pano

I shot this last March at Great Falls, Md. I processed in Lightroom 2 via merge to Pano in CS3. Did a small curve and unsharp and that is about it. I originally did not like it for the lack of color, but this weeks theme is "black and white in real life" over at Jason's D. Moore Photography Geographic Composition that I participate in.


ostman said...

NIce job, Mike.

Great Falls is one of the nicest places I've been at for p[photography, and from what I've seen, under visited.

Anonymous said...

natural beauty is always wonderful to view.

Enigma3 said...


I like the water flow in this shot. Always cool to shoot in Great Falls after a good rain.

Julie M said...

Looks super, Mike. Lots of motion in the shot.

I'm embarrassed to admit I never visited Great Falls in the three years I lived in the area.

jen rinaldi photography said...

i never heard of great falls. looks like a great place for photography.

B&W works well with this.