Wednesday, September 17, 2008

White Buffalo

This is a shot I took while in Nebraska last month.

I am heading out today on a boat fishing on the Chesapeake. Keep your fingers crossed I get a big one.

In case you need more Mike Palmer, go check out Weekly Photo Tips. Scott asked me to review a book for his site. Thanks for the opportunity Scott.


Banjo Bob said...

Will you need my wide angle lens so you can take a picture of the ''big one''? Like the buffalo if you want to shoot more one of my neighbors in WV has some on his land. Good luck on the fishing. Call me at 540-533-1143 there's an event in Harpers Ferry on Oct 11 that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Mike, awesome photo though that guy looks a little irritated to me. ;-)

Enigma3 said...

A shot you can only get in Nebraska. Nice contrast.

mike meyer said...

Hey Mike, mike here, little mike looks good with the camera on your previous post. Too bad my son's name is Nicholas or we could be the four mikes. Well his middle name is michael, does that count? Sorry I missed Gettsburg. It looked like a great time.
take care

mike meyer

Michael Palmer said...

Hey Mike Meyer, email me at

Jen said...

Mike, this looks great in B&W. Good choice! I wouldn't get too close to this guy!