Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank You

For all of the comments this week! They are always appreciated!

As you can tell, I did a little housekeeping this week on the blog. I did the same makeover on my Smugmug site. I am working on how I can get the look at my domain name with portfolio links.

I am off to Gettysburg on Sunday to participate in Andy's Visual Realia Photowalk. To find out more go to this link. I am looking forward to seeing my fellow bloggers Jeff, Mike Meyer, Shawn, Patty, Andy, Bob.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Sounds like Andy's got a big group coming for the photowalk


Anonymous said...

Have a great photo walk, Mike!

I like the new banner a lot and the clean feel to the blog.

Andrew said...

Ditto on the banner. Looks great.

Canon Blogger said...

Indeed...the new look is great. Have fun with Andy and Jeff and the rest on the photo walk!

jenrinaldiphotography said...

LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK! Brighter and just has a fresh feel.

I have been working on a similar banner for my smugmug showing various types of my work. I guess great minds think alike! :)

Another great food shot!

Wish I was going to Gettysburg but I have a job Sunday. Gotta make the big bucks (ha) LOL!

Photo-Africa said...

Hi Mike!

Thanks for all the comments on my Blog! Greatly appreciated!

I published my first book with Blurb and was very happy with the results. Looking forward to getting the next one completed.

And yes... your new layout looks great!!

Best regards,

Shawn said...

Wow, cool! I love the new layout! Nice choice.

See you Sunday!

Jason D. Moore said...

Hey Mike! Nice new look! I guess we were sharing the same muse the other day!

Have fun at the walk! And say hi to Andy, Jeff and Shawn for me!