Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out of Focus

Sometimes the shades of color is all that matters.


Sue said...

I am sooooo enjoying viewing your floral images, Mike. A little like seeing the "softer side of Mike."
= )

Anonymous said...

WAY nice! The background is LOVELY!!!

Kevin Mullins said...

Yep, excellent Mike. Always good to see a splash of colour!

mike meyer said...

Very nice, I didn't know Mike had a hard side. I think most of his work is very soft. Lot's of flowers and shots of his kids. Can't get softer than that. Still great work though!!!

mike meyer

Michael Palmer said...

Mike Meyer -

Do not forget the food ---

mike meyer said...

Well your food photography is also pretty soft. Very yummy though. I have to eat before I look at your images or else I get really hungry. How do you stay so trim with all that good food you're eating? Remember this: If you love what you shoot, it will look better.
mike meyer