Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bubbles and Michael

A fantastic summer evening last night. Little BBQ, ice cream and hanging in the backyard making bubbles and playing Frisbee.

ALSO today is Geographic Composition day at Jason Moore Photography. The theme was "games".


Julie M said...

Gosh, he's a cute guy! I love the first shot - angle, crop, dof are all really nice...

Photo-Africa said...

Nice pics!

Let me know how your son (and you) enjoys that Wild Earth game! :)

oneshotbeyond said...

Awesome BUBBLE and kids love games!


Enigma3 said...


Those are way cool. Love the bubble shot. By the way - Cora was dissapointed to to hear of frisbie activity in your back yard without her.

jenrinaldiphotography said...

handsome lil devil isnt he!

love the Dof on the 1st shot!

The bubble shot is awesome - what's in the reflection?