Thursday, July 24, 2008

White and Orange and a mini Book Review

Acupuncture was a success yesterday, felt better for a bit, still did ice, and this morning not so stiff. So another appointment tomorrow, and I think I need to start working on a maintenance plan for my back.

Photography related, In my static state I read Digital Food Photography by Lou Manna and it was just what I was looking for in food photography tips. Its actually written in such a way that if you had never done photography before, this is what you have to do to get outstanding digital food images. It covers it all, from the camera, its settings, working with the client, and food stylists, and composition, LIGHTING, retouching, and finishes with some really good tips on how to get business. The book was chock full of basic stuff, but the real meat (pun intended) came in the food styling chapter and lighting chapters. I am really looking forward to getting some food photography done and in the books so I can offer this as a service of my business. BTW the images in the book are fantastic, so have a snack before reading.


jenrinaldiphotography said...

The flower photo is another keeper Mike. Love it!

Food photography looks like a lot of fun and doesn't seem super high stress so it looks like it'd be enjoyable.

The cover photo on the book looks appetizing so I'm sure it was a good read based on that and what you said about it.

I wish you a lot of luck (although I'm pretty sure you don't need it).

And glad you back is kinda/sorta better....don't know if I could have teeny tiny needles stuck in me but glad it is working for you. :)

Photo-Africa said...

Seems like a great book!

Tried a bit of food photography at the previous game lodge I worked at. Will have to get this book and try again!

Thanks for the mini review! :)

oneshotbeyond said...

thanks for sharing the info on the food book. I love food and photography so why not get better at them both!

Your shot is breathtaking.

ostman said...

Interesting flower photograph, by the way.