Monday, July 14, 2008


Generated HDR in 1 file conversion and tone mapped in Photomatix. I added a little pop with Nik Viveza. I was tipped off to this sunflower feild by a local photographer blog friend Patty Hankins. Thanks Patty. There were acres of sunflowers at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area. The bonus was that it was just down the street on River Rd.


hankinslawrenceimages said...

WOW!!! Love the photo. I'm hoping to get some of my sunflower photos from this weekend up on my blog tomorrow

The sunflowers are awesome this year.

Glad I was able to help you find the sunflowers

Texas Travelers said...

Great sunflower photograph.
1 file HDR conversion is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well done.


oneshotbeyond said...

fascinating colors Mike!

Enigma3 said...

Thats a wild shot Mike. I can see where it would have been good to have a ladder handy. The colors of the sun flower are awsome.

jenrinaldiphotography said...

Fantastic Mike. The colors are great!

There's a field right near my house (it's part of a garden center) and I find myself stopping there and walking through the field w/ my camera often.

Photo-Africa said...

Great image!! :)

Julie M said...

Beautiful, Mike. Isn't it a perfect color combination - yellow, blue, and white?