Monday, July 21, 2008


A neighbor that also a passion for photography. I took Erwan to Ace Photo last Friday to check out the store. He was looking for a good camera back pack for his Canon. BTW Ace has every bag you can think of in stock and out for you to try your gear in. The unfortunate side to this story is that the backpack is for his trip back to France. He is moving back to France with his family after about 3 years here in the States. I guess its the best excuse I will ever have to get to France. On the photography note, I made my first Canon purchase, a 77mm 500d close up lens. I also set up the studio to work on some food photography this week.

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jenrinaldiphotography said...

Mike - I have to say i love this photo of erwan w/ the beer and the atmosphere you created with the photo. body are you using the canon lens with?