Monday, August 18, 2008

Iced New Point Oysters with Champagne Mignonette

This time at The Old Anglers Inn in Potomac, MD. We dropped by here on our way home from Georgetown. Still have a couple more edits from Georgetown to go. This weekend we took a ride out to Skyline Dr in Shenandoah National Park Saturday and hit the Butterflies exhibit at Brookside Gardens yesterday. I will work on them later today, right now I am heading to Clone Wars with Michael.


Enigma3 said...


I love the "Old Anglers Inn". They have the best escargot and ceasar salad but those oysters look deicious too. Nice table shot. They have great outdoor seating there and it looks like you picked the perfect day.

jen said...

Sounds like an enjoyable day Mike. Can't wait to see the butterflies.

Looks like you ate well (now those are not anything I'd eat but I'm sure you enjoyed them LOL!)

Banjo Bob said...

I will be up and running soon!!!

Anonymous said...

yummy local & food Mike.