Friday, August 8, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe

Found this one also in my Philadelphia folder, so how odd is it that that HIGH in DC today is 85 degrees with really no humidity, so Julia is off, the kids are in camp, I am firing up the D300 and we heading downtown to find something to shoot. For those of you not on the mid-Atlantic coast, its is usually long hot and humid days in August. This has to be one of the mildest summer's in years. Have a good weekend.


Photo-Africa said...

Love the colors and sky in this image!

Thanks also for all your comments on Photo-Africa! Greatly appreciated!

If you ever have the urge to visit Africa you know where to go!

Mike Holley said...

Hi Mike,

Cool shot, really like this. The tones are wonderful.

Last thing fell in place today. Just a work trip abroad to go and then I'm ready to roll.


Enigma3 said...


Great angle and composition. I shot the Baltimore guitar at night - the neon is way cool.

Texas Travelers said...

23 days over 100 degrees here in Texas.

Nice color and composition on this shot.

To answer your question: Yes, 0, 1/2, and 1 stop HDR single frame from RAW .nef file. It was the only way to keep the sky blue and clean looking sand.

Thanks for the visit,

ostman said...

NIcely done; cool colors, but no areas "overdone."

Anonymous said...

this is very impressive.

jenrinaldiphotography said...


Now this is the kind of work that is right up my alley!

The processing is great!

Julie M said...

I love the perspective of the shot and the HDR processing is fantastic.