Monday, August 25, 2008


A quick one today, Michael starts school tomorrow, have meet the teacher this morning, Dr appts, post office, need food and milk, and on top of it all that our luggage was lost yesterday. Have a nice Monday = )


Anonymous said...

can we say "texture"? lot's of it in this photo. Manic Monday for you Mike! It'll pass.

Jen said...

busy busy man, you are!

The processing on this shot makes this photo pop so nicely.
Is this one from your trip?

Good luck getting everything done today!

Enigma3 said...

Welcome back to D.C. world.

Banjo Bob said...

Yikes dude you better come to WV and do some cloud watching!!

Texas Travelers said...

Love all of the different rock and brick.
Great shot and perfect exposure/processing.